All About Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive Jackpot Slots might not be the most well known of online casino games, but they’re certainly the most newsworthy. These games are able to bring players some of the biggest possible wins, and this is what makes them so appealing.

In terms of winning big, they have broken all of the available records and allowed online casinos to pay out bigger jackpots than ever thought possible. We’re going to bring you up to speed with everything you need to know about Progressive Jackpot Slots, including which ones are best and how you can maximize your chances of winning big. Keep reading to find out more.

In this article you will learn:

  • Why New Jersey players love Progressive Jackpot Slots
  • Finding the Right Online Casino to play Progressive Jackpot Slots
  • The Best Progressive Jackpot Slots
  • How they are Different to Normal Slots
  • How to Increase your Chances of a Big Payout

Why New Jersey Players Love Progressive Jackpot Slots

The most simple reason why online casino players in New Jersey love Progressive Jackpot Slots is for the huge prizes. Players can genuinely walk away from a Jackpot Slot as millionaires. That’s how big the payouts are. It’s not just the big rewards that make them so popular with players though, it’s that the jackpot is an additional part of the game.

Progressive Jackpot Slots work just like a normal video slot. This means that you choose your stake, spin the reels, and hope to create wins. It’s not just the massive prize that is on offer when playing one of these titles. You can also win normal-sized payouts just like on a standard Video Slot. Due to this, players can still potentially walk away with a profit, even if they don’t manage to snag the big one. It makes the games extremely appealing to players. 

Finding the Right Online Casino to play Progressive Jackpot Slots

One of the most important things you need to do before playing a Progressive Jackpot Slot is to find an online casino to play at. There are a lot of different online casinos on the market at the moment, and it’s quite possibly as healthy as it has ever been. However, not all of the online casinos out there are reputable. If you choose the wrong site, you could end up losing all of your money very quickly and possibly even more!

That’s where we come in. We make sure that it’s easy for you to find the right online casino to play at. Our guides cover everything that you need to know – from which online casinos are trustworthy to which one has the best bonuses available. Whatever it is you want from your online casino, our reviews make it easy for you to find it. 

The Best Progressive Jackpot Slots

Knowing which Progressive Jackpot Slots are the best can often be difficult, especially for players who are new to the genre. Best is often a subjective phrase. What one person likes, another might not be such a fan of. That’s why we’re going to cover three of the top Progressive titles out there, so that you have a choice of games to try out. That way you’ll be more likely to find a game that suits your tastes. 

Mega Moolah


The first on our list is probably the most famous Progressive Slot that’s on the market. It’s the current world record holder in regards to the biggest Online Casino payout, at $21.7 million. The game is Mega Moolah from Microgaming. When playing the game it seems like a standard video slot.

That’s because it essentially is. However, at random the Jackpot game can be activated. When this starts players are guaranteed one of the Progressive Jackpot prizes. There are four levels of prizes available, from mini to major. The major Jackpot is the big payout that offers life-changing wins, but even if you win one of the smaller payouts it will still be a significant amount. 

Mega Fortune


Next up we have a title from the other big-name player in the industry, NetEnt. The Progressive Jackpot from NetEnt is called Mega Fortune. Although this game isn’t the holder of the payout record, it still has some incredible payouts on offer. In fact, it’s been the record holder in the past and over the last five years, both Mega Fortune and Mega Moolah have swapped the record between themselves.

The jackpot round isn’t initiated completely at random like in Mega Moolah. Here, players need to line up three bonus symbols on the reels. Although both games do use an RNG to award the bonus, Mega Fortune has a visual representation to let players know when it is coming. The bonus round guarantees a prize, but like in Mega Moolah, you need to get a specific sequence in order to win the big one. 

Age of the Gods

Finally, we have Age of the Gods, from Playtech. This is a Greek mythology themed progressive slot that offers a lot to players. Although it can’t compete in terms of jackpot when compared to the other games mentioned here, it does have something that they don’t have. A complete series of games, with lots of different gameplay mechanics.

There are so many Age of the Gods games available that it’s almost impossible not to find one you like. What makes them so special is that every game in the series puts money towards the total jackpot. This makes the potential prize much larger than if they were all individual titles. 

Which is the best Progressive Jackpot for you?

Just remember to follow our simple steps to find the right Progressive Jackpot Slot for you.

  • Use our in-depth guides to find the best online casino for you
  • Choose a bonus that can enhance your bankroll
  • Discover the right Progressive Jackpot Slot for you to play
  • Start spinning and winning!

How they are Different to Normal Slots

They’re actually no different from standard video slots in terms of how they look. There are actually just two differences that really stand out to users. 

  1. The first is that the RTP of the standard slot section of the Progressive Slot is a bit lower than a regular Video Slot. This is because part of the RTP is made up of the Progressive Jackpot. So, when playing a Progressive Slot, you will see fewer wins during the standard game, but many people see this risk as worthwhile due to the potential for large wins. 

  2. The second difference is the bonus game. The bonus game is actually not linked to the payouts of the regular portion of the game. It triggers independently of the title, even if it’s something within the game that causes it to activate. So, in theory, you could play your very first spin on a Progressive Jackpot Slot and win the big prize straight away. 

Of course, if you’ve chosen your online casino with one of our guides, if you do manage to win the big prize, you won’t have to worry about the payout. All of the online casinos that we recommend are completely trustworthy and follow ethical payout systems.

How to Increase your Chances of a Big Payout

There are just two ways to improve your chances of winning the big payout on a Progressive Jackpot Slot. They’re quite simple and do require sensible bankroll management techniques in order to be used correctly. It’s important to remember that you’re never guaranteed the chance to win, all you can do is improve your chances.

  1. The first is to play at the highest stake your bankroll can afford. This is because the higher your wagers are on each spin, the more chance you have of activating the jackpot bonus game. This doesn’t mean to just play at the maximum stake regardless of your bankroll, but to play at the maximum amount that will allow you to play for an extended period of time. 

  2. The second is to wait until it has been quite a while since the jackpot last paid out. The longer it has been, the more likely that it will pay out again soon. This does require some risk as you could potentially miss the payout, but it’s important to remember that in that instance, all you have to do is wait for the next time.