Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes Players Make at Online Casinos

Save Yourself The Time And Money That Most Players Lose When Playing at Online Casinos

In this article we will discuss:

  • The Importance of Preparation
  • How to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes
  • Why You Need to Look Out for Other Mistakes

Reasons Why Players Lose

There are many reasons why players lose when playing at online casinos and it is not just only about statistics and mathematical uncertainty that is generated through random number generators. Luckily we are not just machines that run on a predetermined program outside of our influence.


As humans, our experience is much richer than that of a computer but at the same time, it brings its own set of challenges, especially when money is involved. In the article, we are going to have a look at some of the factors that are in our control: the mistakes that we make. 

Blowing the bankroll

This is one of the biggest reasons that players lose when sitting down to play at online casinos but luckily it is also a factor that we can take control of. Many people get caught in placing big bets, chasing their losses, or making risky bets in general.

Now there is nothing wrong with making big bets or risky bets, they can be a lot of fun to place. The issue comes when it gets out of our control; when we feel that we “have to” make certain bets. The moment that you blow your bankroll you are out of the game and your chances of winning anything become zero. In the end, it is best to have some sort of strategy and not repeatedly top up your online casino bankroll. 

Failing to prepare

After blowing the bankroll the next reason why you might be losing is that you are failing to prepare. This preparation comes down to knowing about the different types of mistakes that you can make or maybe you are even being completely unaware of the mistakes you make.

But don’t worry, in this article, we will help you to identify the most important mistakes that people make when playing at online casinos. Not only will we help you spot those mistakes, but we will also give you the first tips on how to deal and avoid making those mistakes.

When you can work on these five common mistakes you will be in a position to save yourself some expensive lessons and maybe even be able to profit more from your favorite games at the online casinos.

The 5 Mistakes

  1. No money management

Even though online casinos and their entertainment are built on and around money, you would be surprised to find out how few people actually have a strategy on how they manage their money.

Now, of course, you don’t need extensive bankroll management strategies when playing at online casinos, you can be in it purely for the fun, but even then it is useful to have a limit to how much you want to spend in a day or a week.

It can be useful to not only determine how much you are willing to lose but also how many times you will allow yourself to top up your bankroll. Especially when playing with smaller stakes you might be tempted to add more cash quickly, but all those small deposits do add up in the end.

  1. Missing out on Bonuses

This is definitely an interesting mistake that many players make. People get pulled in by the flashy bonus offer from one of the many online casinos available but in the end, they fail to follow through. There are a lot of reasons why this happens but it all starts with being aware of the terms of the bonus and how you can unlock them.


It is not uncommon to have multiple bonuses running at different online casinos and this makes it even more difficult to cash in all the bonus cash waiting for you. Make sure that you know how much you need to play and if there are any specific games that are linked to the promotional offer. In the end, it is better to take them on one by one and profit slowly instead of missing out on all of them fast. 

  1. Emotional Tilt

Of course, the emotional tilt itself is not really the mistake, we all have feelings so it can happen to anyone. Especially when you catch a run of bad luck and things do not seem to go your way it is easy to be taken over by our own emotions.

Think back of the times that you lost control of your emotions and things turned sour. Write down what the circumstances were, the way you were betting, and how you felt after each bet. Have a look at the different times that it happened to you and see if you can find a pattern or specific things that can make it likely for you to lose your grit. 

  1. Not Knowing when to quit

This one is tied to many other mistakes but it might be one of the most essential ones that we can make. As we discussed earlier, there is nothing wrong with making a mistake in itself and it can happen to us all. Knowing how to deal with your mistakes, how to move on, and focus on having fun again can be very helpful.

However, there comes a time for everyone when we are no longer level headed enough to deal with our mistakes. Knowing when to step away can be a challenge, let alone actually doing it. Set some rules for yourself like giving your emotions a rating so you can know if you are still playing for fun or set a boundary for your bankroll to make it easier to walk away.

The Gambling God Delusion

If you leave the delusional part out of this mistake it actually sounds great and that is exactly where the danger lies in this one. When you play at the online casino and are suffering from the “gambling god” delusion you will think and feel that you are aware of the outcome of the next play.

Be careful when all your losses become “just bad luck” and all your wins confirm that you had it right, you might be slipping into this dangerous mistake that can cost you quite a bit of money.

Applying and evaluating

Now that you know the most common mistakes that people make when playing at online casinos the next important step becomes applying counter strategies and evaluating your plays.

You are human, you will make mistakes, and even when you have taken care of your common pitfalls, be sure to look out for new ones that can pop up at any time.

Go out there to your favorite online casino and have fun! If you have not found the best casino for you yet then also check out our online casino reviews.

The Online Casino Mistakes FAQ

  • How can I avoid making mistakes?

    The way to best avoid making mistakes is an interesting question to ask but it might be the wrong question to ask. In the end, we are all human and we will make mistakes, that is just part of the deal. A more practical question might be; what is the best way to deal with mistakes? Our guide is made for you so you can prepare for and minimize the mistakes that you might make. Once you know what might be coming it will also be easier for you the spot when the situation arises or when and how to correct when you make a mistake. Forgive yourself for making the mistake, take the lesson that is in it, and move on. An important to remember is that if you can learn from your mistakes, can they still be called mistakes?
  • What is the worst mistake you can make?

    The worst mistake that you can probably make is denying that you have any flaws and looking the other way. This might sound like a cliché but cliches are true. Other than not looking at your mistakes in general, important mistakes also have to do with the way that you handle difficult emotions and bankroll management. When the moment comes that emotional tilt takes a hold of you it can really affect your playing at online casinos in a detrimental way. When negative emotions have you chasing your losses your bankroll can go down the drain really quickly leaving you with no opportunity to bounce back. Even if you are not on tilt, just having bad bankroll management, in general, can be a mistake that can easily be avoided. Sure, online casinos are here for our entertainment but let’s be real, the money is an essential part of that experience.
  • Online Casinos are about luck, how can you make a mistake?

    While it is true that the variable of luck plays a huge part in what your online casino experience will look like there is another important factor when sitting down at the virtual tables: you! The choices that you make, the mindset that you have, and the way that you act because of them is essential when playing at online casinos. Some people lose a lot more than other people lose at online casinos and a large part of that is because of self-awareness and the choices that we make from that self-reflection. The good news is that we do have some control over the way that we respond to the world around us. Even if you sometimes might have trouble with staying in control, there are ways where you can train your mental muscle. So yes, luck plays a large part when playing at online casinos but you can make mistakes in the way that you approach the games and therefore also improve and work on those mistakes.