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How to get the best welcome bonuses when signing up

If you know anything about online casinos in New Jersey, then you probably know about the famous “welcome bonuses” that most casinos have.

Getting free money just to sign up and have some fun? That sounds like a really good deal for any online casino fan. In this article, we are going to cover all of the different types of welcome bonuses available to you at various sites.


In this article:

  • We cover the most popular welcome bonuses for online casinos
  • Show real examples of welcome bonuses
  • Teach you what to look for when finding the best welcome bonuses

Match bonus welcome bonus

A match bonus is one of the most popular kinds of welcome bonuses for online casino sign-ups. This type of bonus has the casino match your initial deposit. Sometimes these types of bonuses are called “sign-up bonus,” “first deposit bonus,” “new player bonus,” or something similar.

  • Let’s say that your initial deposit is $100. If the casino has a 100% match, then you get $100 for free — just for making your first deposit!

This is free money that goes into your account, but there are some stipulations. For example, you typically can’t make your initial deposit, get the match welcome bonus, and then cash out right away.


The most common amount for a match bonus is 100% up to $100. That means to make the most out of your initial match welcome bonus, you need to make a $100 initial deposit. However, we have seen some welcome bonuses of up to 500%.

That means you can turn your $100 into $500 before you even start playing. Not a bad way to start out.

It should be noted that sometimes this match welcome bonus isn’t given in one installment. Instead, a $100 match bonus can be paid out over a period of a few days. That means even though you sign up to receive a $100 welcome bonus, it might take a few days before you receive the full $100.

No-deposit welcome bonus

Another common type of welcome bonus is the no-deposit welcome bonus. This kind of bonus is similar to the match bonus, but you don’t even need to put in an initial deposit.

With this kind of bonus, you get money straight into your account just for signing up. This means that you can try out the online casino without risking your own money, but you can still earn some cash.

That’s right — free money without even having to put a cent into your account. For example, some sites can start you off with $25 or more in your account so you can see if you like the site or not. This kind of welcome bonus can even be combined with a match bonus to give a huge incentive to sign up.

We’ve seen some sites that have a $100 no-deposit bonus plus a $100 match. That means that you can get a $100 no-deposit bonus, put $100 into your account, and then also get the $100 match bonus. You turn your $100 into $300 before you even start playing.

These no-deposit welcome bonus often have restrictions just like the match bonuses, however. Most sites won’t let you sign up, get the free no-deposit bonus, and then cash out. Also, there may be certain restrictions on how much you can earn with this no-deposit bonus.

Free spin welcome bonus

This is another popular type of welcome bonus for online casinos. When you sign up, you earn free spins to use on slot games. Many sites give 100 free spins for a welcome bonus. We’ve even seen some sites give up to 300 spins just for signing up.

These free spin bonuses can also be paired with no-deposit bonuses and match bonuses. That means with some sites you can get:

  • $100 no-deposit bonus
  • 100% match bonus
  • 100+ spins

All just for signing up!


Free play welcome bonus

A free play bonus allows a player to play for a limited amount of time. Once you sign up to an online casino, you are prompted to start your free play timer. The online casino provides you with some money to play and a certain time frame you can use that money in, usually one hour.

You can use this free money and free time to play most games at the casino — there may be some restrictions on what games you can play during your free period.

You will often need to place a certain number of bets and win more than a set amount in order to withdraw your winnings. You may even be required to deposit some money into your account before you can cash out your winnings during the free play period.

Some websites even allow up to two hours of free play. Although this is a free play period, there is usually a limit to how much money you get during the period. Don’t expect to have unlimited money for two hours!

Payment method bonuses

In order to add money to your account, you have to use some sort of payment method. It turns out that some payment methods are better than others!

Casinos can offer different bonuses depending on the payment method you use, so make sure to check which payment method is going to get you the best bang for your buck before you start adding money to your account.


High Roller bonuses

High Roller bonuses are bonuses for players that are, what else? High Rollers! Sometimes these High Roller bonuses are called “VIP bonuses.” If you are a high roller and are playing a lot, you can receive bonuses to keep you playing.

These bonuses can even come with additional perks such as special tournaments and access to new games before anyone else. As a High Roller, online casinos will go out of their way to make sure you are happy and keep coming back.

Daily play bonuses

This type of bonus is similar to the free spin bonus mentioned above. With this type of bonus, you can earn free plays for certain games each day. Many online casinos will even have special daily bonuses for each day of the week. You may get one kind of daily bonus on Monday and get an entirely different type of bonus on Friday.

Make sure you know what kind of daily bonuses are available so you are getting the most out of your playtime every time you log on.

Monthly bonus

In addition to daily play bonuses, some casinos have monthly bonuses that they give out to members. Sometimes this kind of bonus is called a “loyalty bonus” but the idea is that you get extra money in your account for every month that you are a member. These loyalty bonuses can often increase the more active you are on the site.

Check to see what the requirements are as you can get a bigger loyalty bonus the more you play.

Referral bonus

Like many websites, you can get a referral bonus if you refer a friend to join the online casino. Some casinos require that your friend signs up and makes an initial deposit, so it’s a good idea to see what the actual policy is before you refer a friend. If you are referring a friend to an online casino, make sure that they are signing up for casinos that have great welcome bonuses.

Combination bonus

We’ve covered a lot of different types of welcome bonuses, but the best online casinos are the ones where you can get multiple signup bonuses.

A smart player will make sure that they get as many bonuses as they can. Before you decide on a site that you want to play on, make sure to check out all of their bonuses. You might be able to get a no-deposit bonus, match-bonus, and free spins all together on one website.

Here at Casino Guide New Jersey, we share the best casinos with the best bonuses. If you are ready to play and get bonuses before you start even playing, make sure to check out some of these casinos.