What is a no-deposit bonus? What no-deposit bonuses you can find How do I get my no-deposit bonus? What are the requirements to get my no-deposit bonus? How do I wager my no-deposit bonus? Now you are ready to claim your first no-deposit bonus! No-deposit Bonus FAQ

No-deposit bonuses swarm the New Jersey online casino market. No-deposit bonuses are gifts for new players as a reward for signing up. There are also seasonal variations and even prizes for the most loyal players that give free benefits, but of course, those require you to have already invested some money. Regular no-deposit bonuses should give you a chance to win real money, without any investments!


All 15 online casinos in the garden state supply their new players with some welcome bonus, often in the form of a no-deposit tip. Before you make your pick, learn all about choosing a no-deposit bonus right here on CasinoGuideNJ. On this page, we will run through a list of questions that we hear most often from New Jersey gamblers.

What is a no-deposit bonus?

No-deposit bonuses are pretty self-explanatory; they provide a small bundle of funds that require absolutely no deposit. You might be asking yourself now, isn’t that free money?

That’s entirely right; you can establish a small bankroll just by signing up with an online casino. With this money directly from the ‘house’, you can make risk free bets, learn new games/slots, test out the features of the casino, and decide whether you want to keep on playing there.

No-deposit bonuses are usually quite low in value. The ‘free cash’ you receive is only for the playing of games (no option to sign up and withdraw the money right away). However, no-deposit bonuses are extremely popular with players looking for a free taste of casino action. 

No deposit bonuses ordinarily take the form of one of two variants.

What no-deposit bonuses you can find

When you enter a New Jersey online casino, you will see one of two types of welcome bonuses.

  • Free cash at sign up
  • Free spins at sign up

Free cash at sign up

The amount of free money you will receive at sign up is usually around $10 to $30. These amounts are not massive, but they provide you with plenty of opportunities to test out multiple features and various slots at the online casino in question. Of course, you could start building up your bankroll with this money, if you are careful enough.

How you will spend the money is totally up to you. Feel free to bet it all on a single hand or spin, or try and prolong your play by taking your bankroll to a low-limit table or slot.

Online casinos provide you with a fixed list of games and slots you can use your no-deposit bonus on. Some casinos give you a nearly limitless list of options, while others limit your choice to a few specific providers of games and slots. Every casino shares their menu, and you can check them out before you sign up.

Free spins at sign up

Some online casinos also give free spins as a no-deposit bonus that you can use to play slots online. With this type of bonus, it is quite common for a win cap to be present. This cap is a maximum amount that you can win or withdraw from the free spins.

All the information about this can be found in the Terms and Conditions of the bonus. Whenever you claim your Free Spin or Free Money bonus, make sure to check if there is a time limit for using them. No-deposit bonuses often require you to bet the whole amount within seven days of acquiring them.

Other types of no-deposit bonuses 

Currently, the two aforementioned bonuses are the only ones available in New Jersey. In the future, we will most likely see others pop up too. Cashback and free plays are already quite popular in Europe and other states, so we can expect to see them soon in our online casinos.

How do I get my no-deposit bonus?

To claim your bonus, you have to follow these steps:

  • Create and validate your account at any casino (first account!)
  • Log in to your account and go to the available bonus page
  • Pick the bonus you want (might require a promo code)
  • Wait until the free-money/spins bonus is credited to your name

Waiting time can be anywhere between 24 and 72 hours; this is the time it takes to validate your account and finalize accreditation.


It couldn’t be much easier to start up and get your bonus on. That’s why we at CasinoGuideNJ highly recommend signing up with multiple online casinos to make the best use of al these beautiful bonuses.

Not everybody will be able to play, unfortunately. There are some requirements to sign up and, thus, being able to receive your no-deposit bonus. Let’s take a look at what these conditions are.

What are the requirements to get my no-deposit bonus?

In order to take advantage of NJ online casino free money bonuses, you will have to meet a few eligibility requirements. But not to worry, they’re not that daunting:

New player

No deposit bonuses are only available for newly registered players. Any second accounts will not be able to be verified. For more information, see the account verification info below.


As with all types of gambling in New Jersey, sports, live, or casino, you have to be of legal gambling age. In this case, the minimum age is 21.

Account verification

New accounts must pass rigorous verification parameters, established by the state’s gaming regulatory committee: The NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement. These checks are put in place to protect gamblers from fraud and identity theft.


Players must be physically located in the state of New Jersey to wager with real money. However, you don’t have to be in New Jersey to register or deposit, which allows you to receive bonus funds from anywhere.

How do I wager my no-deposit bonus?

While this may seem like a no-brainer. Placing a bet and winning or losing, that’s all it is, right? Unfortunately, most online casinos have high wagering requirements when it comes to spending your no-deposit bonus.

Most of the bonuses you can only wager on online slots, but some also allow you to play specialty games or some table games. It’s often the case that only the online slots contribute 100% to the wagering requirements, and the other casino games only partially.

Some casinos will also restrict specific online slots, though, so you’ll need to check exactly on which slots you can play because restricted ones will usually count as 0% towards the wagering requirement. Some online casinos may even classify playing a restricted slot from a free bonus as a breach of their terms and will forfeit your bonus and any winnings attached.

Thus, make sure to always check the wagering requirements, for both no-deposit and first deposit bonuses. There you will find all the essential details. We want you to have fun, not walk away, feeling cheated.

Contacting the online casinos’ support staff can clear up any misunderstanding you might have over the terms and conditions of the no-deposit bonuses.

Now you are ready to claim your first no-deposit bonus!

With all this being said, you are now fully able to go and grab your first no deposit bonus. Since there are no limits to the number of online casinos you can sign up for within New Jersey, our advice is to get as many as you want. The only thing standing in the way of you and your free bonuses is signing up at any online casino!


No-deposit Bonus FAQ

  • Can I claim a casino no-deposit bonus multiple times?

    Unfortunately, the answer is “no”. Due to the strict rules set by the New Jersey gaming commission, you will not be able to open multiple accounts. Welcome bonuses will only be available once at each online casino.
  • Can I withdraw all the money I win with a no-deposit bonus?

    Yes! As long as the wagering requirements are all met, anything you win with your bonus is all yours. The money is legitimate.
  • Do the odds change when I play with a no-deposit bonus?

    While you might think that this is a thing that online casinos would do, they are not allowed to do so. Restrictions from the gaming commission make them set the odds of each online casino game at a fixed rate, regardless of whether you use free money/spins or real money.