What is a Live Casino? Pros and Cons of Going Live Casino Games Available

The One-Stop Guide for Live Casinos – What You Should Know Before Getting Started

In this article we cover:

  • What live casinos are
  • Pros and cons of playing with a live casino
  • Different type of live casino games

Although live casinos are still relatively uncommon when we look at the total market of online casinos, there has been a trend where more and more people are introduced to this new experience of online betting. If you want to know more about the different types of casinos, check out our other casino guides!

Live casinos started coming up when webcam chats gained popularity and especially when streaming services became more common online. A live casino gives the player experiences very close to a real-life casino because the entire table and the dealer are visible through a live connection. Not only the image matches that of an offline casino but also the interaction with the dealer is similar.


Most online casinos use random number generators which can make the experience feel robotic, especially when the animations are turned off. With a live casino, each dealer brings his or her own personality to the game, just like a regular experience in an actual casino. The live broadcast of the results can really take you into a different betting experience, where you can watch the magic of randomness unfold in real-time.

Depending on what live casino you are playing at, you can even interact with other players at the table. Even taking a stroll along all of the different tables and games is an option some casinos offer. And the best thing about it? You get all of this from the comfort of your own home in New Jersey!

Pros and Cons of Going Live

While a live casino really seems to merge the best of both the online and offline world, it is still good to take inventory of the pros and cons of live casinos.

Because these casinos try to improve both those experiences, our list includes comparisons with traditional online casinos and original casinos, like when you are actually going out in New Jersey to play.

As you will see there are many advantages and few disadvantages but it is still good to be aware of everything, especially depending on what type of betting you are looking for.


  • Dealer interaction Just like in a real casino there is a real dealer present at every table and this also means you are able to interact with your dealer. This can range from striking up a friendly conversation to tipping the dealer.
  • Freedom – Not only do live casinos offer a lot of freedom in what tables you want to play at or dealer selection, but they also bring the benefit of accessibility. You can join a table at any time and any place, making it possible to get in a fun few bets while waiting somewhere or being on break.
  • Real-Life Outcome – There are no random number generators involved in live casinos. So if you ever have been suspicious of rigged generators or advantages for the casino built into the software, live casinos are the ultimate solution. There is no hacking a physical table and you can watch the outcome unfold in real-time.
  • Hassle-free – The beautiful thing about live casinos is that you don’t have to deal with the sometimes unpleasant features that a physical casino brings. Think of obnoxious people, awkwardly empty tables, or the different smells that a casino can bring. You still get to interact, but everything happens on your terms!


  • Speed of PlayMost people consider the real-life action to be a huge benefit of playing at a live casino but the speed of hands being dealt or spins that are made, put some people off. Especially if you have a betting strategy that involves a high volume of placing bets, this aspect of live casinos will be a disadvantage to you.
  • Limits – Not only is the speed of the plays a limiting factor, but depending on what live casino you are playing at, the bet sizes might become another constraint in your play. Because live casinos set up their tables based on demand you will find fewer high limit tables and just overall lower limits.
  • Dealer changes – The actual dealer change itself does not take a lot of time to take place and the casinos make it as smooth as possible. However, if you specifically joined a table it might upset your experience and you might need to look for a different table of your liking.


Casino Games Available

There is another added benefit of playing at a live casino when you compare the options of an offline casino: the types of games offered. Because most live casinos have a large number of players placing bets they also offer a larger variety of games when compared to the average New Jersey casino.

Not only are there games available which usually are more rare or obscure games but there are also more tables and dealers available for each game type than a real-life casino would offer. Check out this list of traditional and new school games offered:

  • Blackjack: This all-time casino favorite is a lot better played in a live casino because there is the actual dealer that you are betting against. Plus you might actually try and see if counting cards can be used to your advantage.
  • Poker: Poker on its own can be an entire place of betting with all of the different game types available. The live casino version is no different and besides the standard Texas Hold’em games many options are usually offered.
  • Roulette: This is our personal favorite for live casino plays. There is just nothing that can beat the thrill of watching the ball bounce and determine the outcome of your bet!
  • Dream Catcher: While this wheel-of-fortune type of game is nothing new there are a lot of live casinos that offer exciting themes and other enhancements for this classic.