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Learn how to play Online Video Poker in New Jersey

Online video poker has become one of the most popular games in New Jersey. All of the legal online casinos in New Jersey have at least one type of Video Poker game, giving a wide variety of options to players. All of them share the same goal, land a combination of cards that pay out! The better your hand of cards, the better the payout will be. A simple and fun game to get started with, but it requires a certain amount of strategy to perfect your game!

At CasinoGuideNJ we want to give you the best possible experience for every game. Check out this article to learn the rules of Video Poker, and gain insights into some of the more popular versions of this thrilling game!

Online Video Poker Facts:

  • Video poker is based on 5-draw poker;
  • Video poker is played on a machine similar to a slot machine;
  • There are many different versions of Video Poker, with Jacks or better being the most popular

How to play New Jersey online video poker?

One of the reasons why online video poker is so popular, is that it’s so incredibly easy to pick up. Don’t let appearances fool you, there is more strategy here than meets the eye. Casino New Jersey will explain the basics of the game and teach you a few of the more popular variations of this exciting game!

Online video poker is similar to live poker with the main difference being the lack of other players. If you know the basics of 5 draw poker (which hand is ranked the worst and which hand is ranked the best), you are well on your way to mastering online video poker.

Basics of video poker

Playing against the casino means you are not looking to get the best hand possible, but to make a hand that is strong enough to net you a profit. The pay-out screen will show you how much each hand is worth in the different games. This is essential for devising a solid strategy. On the Jacks or better version, a minimum hand of two jacks is required to get paid. Getting a stronger hand means bigger profits!

While in regular Atlantic City casinos the minimum bet for a video poker game starts at a quarter, online video poker games can be played with as little as a nickel. Together with the free trials that most casino websites offer, this means plenty of opportunity to get familiar with the game. 

To play, choose your bet and click the deal/draw button to get your first 5 cards. Use the buttons underneath the cards to keep the ones you like and discard the ones you want to change. Click deal/draw again to replace the discarded cards. If your hand is better than a pair of tens, you will receive the payout according to the machines pay table!

Online video poker game variations 

Jacks or Better

The most common version of online video poker is Jacks or Better. It is known for the highest return rates with percentage up to 99.54. When playing Jacks or Better make sure you are playing on the 9/6 payout schedule, also called the full-pay schedule. Meaning that a full house will pay nine credits and a flush will pay six. This is the best version of Jacks or Better.

  • Jacks or Better was the original video poker game.
  • It’s still widely available and easy to find.
  • The Full-Pay version returns a very nice 99.54%.
  • The strategy is one of the easiest among video poker varieties.

Deuces Wild

Another very popular variation of video poker is the Deuces Wild. As the name suggests, it features wild cards. All twos (deuces) from the deck of 52, serve as wilds. This means they can replace any of the other cards to create higher paying hands. 

The lowest card combination that qualifies for a win is the Three of a Kind. New winning hands are added here – Four Deuces, which has a different payout in different variations, as well as Five of a Kind, which consists of 4 cards of the same value and a Deuce.

  • Deuces wild full pay was one of the highest paying video poker variation ever made, with a return of 100.76%, but it is becoming exceedingly rare.
  • Most games will offer a return to players of around 98%-99%
  • One of the most exciting versions of video poker, with its unconventional rules.

Joker Poker

In this video poker variety, the joker is added for even more excitement. Just like with deuces wild, the joker can take the place of any card to create the best possible hand. This game offers high pay outs and returns for up to 99%. Unlike Jacks or better, Joker Poker starts paying out when you get a pair of kings or higher. 

  • Joker Poker contains a deck of 53 instead of 52 cards
  • Create some unique hands like a Five of a Kind

Video Poker FAQ

  • What is the best online video poker game?

    Here at Casino New Jersey we recommend playing Jacks or Better at Tropicana Casino. With its easy rules and a return rate of 99.54% you are guaranteed a whole lot of fun.
  • Are there progressive jackpot games?

    Similar to a host of other casino games, video poker also can include progressive jackpots. The principle remains unchanged – the prize pool grows with each bet. As a result, progressive jackpot video poker comes with an increased house edge.
  • Is it legal to play online video poker?

    As long as you play on a regulated New Jersey casino website, it is legal. Playing online video poker is as safe as can be.