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Craps is an extremely fun and exciting game with lots of moving parts. The game can move quickly, and understanding the game correctly is the key to winning at a craps table.

Due to the enormous amount of variations in the betting options, craps can seem quite overwhelming at first glance. Often, this scares people into avoiding playing craps online or at a table in a land-based casino. A pity, we think, because you don’t want to miss out on this awesome game!

Lucky for you, we have the solution right here, free online craps! With free online craps, you can learn the rules, strategies, and all the bets without risking a single penny. Take a chance now to play free online craps in New Jersey, and you won’t regret it!

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  • Get to know all the basic rules
  • No fear of failure, place seemingly risky bets to see if they make a profit
  • Learn all the strategies from the pros, or create your own
  • Unlimited playtime until you feel comfortable to switch to real money tables

Why you should play free online craps first

With our list of advantages above, it is easy to see why playing craps for free online can benefit your gameplay. Let’s take a more in-depth look at all the benefits of free craps.

  1. Craps is a challenging game

This casino game is known for its nearly limitless options and complicated slang. In movies and in real life casinos you might hear terms such as snake eyes, mark the point, or craps check. It’s not a requirement to learn all these because there are plenty of visual cues that tell you what the situation is and what you can do.

Not only can you learn the rules of craps and all its ins and outs, but that knowledge can also be put into practice immediately. When you only read about craps in guides and books, you will only get so far. Hands-on experience teaches you exactly how to play properly in a much more straightforward fashion.

  1. Take a gamble, without the risk

Free online craps is risk-free. There is no money needed to play, no signing up fee or subscription payments. 100% free!

One of the major mistakes people can make while gambling is losing their cool. When you are playing a game like craps, there is a chance you hit a losing streak. Losing streaks can always happen, and it is part of the game. Some gamblers who don’t know the rules and are not familiar with craps might lose their cool and start betting in strange ways.

Playing free online craps is a great tool to get a feel for this dice game. If you play enough, you will learn one of the most important rules in gambling, losing happens, but don’t try to chase your loss. With free craps, you get to play enough to notice how your bankroll changes and that losing sometimes is just part of it. You will win again soon enough.

  1. Make and try new strategies

You can try out different methods to play the game, and also start testing strategies. Online craps for free provides you with a chance to create your optimal tactics. Take the knowledge of the pros or make up your optimal way of playing craps.

It is entirely free to play, so why not try out some new things? If you notice that the approach your using is not working out, switch to another! No harm was done because playing online craps for free is risk-free.

How to play online craps for free?

We highly recommend playing craps for free before you start playing on a table with real money! That way, you can learn all the rules of the game. We will help you with the basics, by running through a typical set of craps and explaining the rules along the way.

To begin, craps starts with two six-sided dice that the “shooter” (the person who throws the dice on the table). You will find many different outlines on the table. Either a number or a word is written on them. Usually, a player in the crowd throws the dice. However, online you will play this by yourself so the game will throw the dice automatically.

This is where the first betting phase starts:

  1. Before the first dice-throw, also called the “come-out roll” is made, the first round of betting begins. The bets you can make here are the so-called “pass or don’t pass” bets. When you bet the pass, you are betting on the dice totaling either a 7 or 11. The pass bet is the most popular wager in the entire game. Use this bet as your first step to getting to know the game! As we said, 7 or 11 nets a win, while a 2,3, or 12, makes you lose. Any other dice combination brings us to the next round of betting.
  2. All the other outcomes, 4,5,6,8,9, and 10 create a different situation. With these numbers, a “point” is established. The results that make the pass bet win, change. Now you are looking for the point number to come before the 7! If a seven comes up first here, people who bet on the don’t pass win.

These are the basic rules of craps. When you start at the free craps table, use the pass or don’t pass bet to your advantage as the first bet you make. Following these bets, there are more that come into effect later. Let’s look at some more bets that can generate some serious profits!

  1. Now we move toward the basic bets that you can place after the come-out roll. In craps, this is called the “come or don’t come” bet. After one of the point numbers is thrown, you can pick one of the two. Betting on the come bet, you want to hit a 7 or 11. Here, the come bet wins, and a craps number, 2, 3, or 12 will mean a loss. Any other number will result in a “come point” number. The round will only end if the original point number hits or a seven comes up. So you can play as many come bets as you would like.
  2. The exact opposite of the come bet, this bet is made after the come-out roll. You will lose when a 7 or 11 hits and win on a 2 or 3, and when you roll a 12 on the dice, it’s called a “push”. You will receive your money back!

Start playing free craps online today!

When you start up the free craps table, the sounds and look of the game immediately become familiar, the entertainment value is something that the craps game has perfected. You will feel ready and excited to play. Click on the play button to start gambling.

Playing craps for free gives you ample opportunity to learn the game. The more you play, the better prepared you are for the real money games. This preparation will undoubtedly give you a higher chance of winning it big at the many craps tables you can find online!

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Free Craps FAQ

  • Can I play on the same table for free and also with money?

    Most of the time, casinos will supply their players with two different tables. One table is designated for free play, while the other is exclusive for players who want to gamble with real money. You would have to get off the free play table to start rolling those dice on the paid table.
  • Are there also free craps tables in land-based casinos?

    Land-based casinos are designed in a way to make you spend your money. They offer no free craps because they want their customers to play for real. Sometimes there are some courses or introductions to the game at certain events, but it doesn’t match up to the instant experience you get at online free craps games!
  • Does online craps require skill or luck?

    A good question with a difficult answer. Once you understand what the best types of bets are and you got some basic strategies down, it is mostly luck-based. Like any other casino game, online craps is ultimately ruled by luck.