Free Slots Guide for New Jersey

Are you new to slots? Or have you been thinking about getting into playing slots online? This guide will give you an insight into the world of online slots, from playing slots for free to making your first online deposit to wager in your real money slot games. Entering the world of slots can be nerve-racking. New online slots questions such as “how do I play?” or “Where do I begin?” might come to mind. The best way to begin your journey within the New Jersey gambling markets is to start with free online slots.

There are several avenues to play free slots online. Many people enjoy playing free slots as the game brings a level of fun. The endless themed slots have ensured that a large audience of customers can join in. Playing slots is fun and there are large benefits for people who are playing free slots to learn the game. It allows players to come up with a strategy that will benefit them when real money is wagered.

What to expect in this guide?

This guide will give an insight into free money slots and real money slots. Both aspects of the game bring different benefits to the individual playing, depending on their end goal. There will be further information on how online casinos will offer customers free money to sign up and use this money for online slot games. More in-depth information will be provided on;

  • How to play slots
  • The advantages of real money slots
  • What to consider when picking a real money online slots game

What are Online Slots?

Online slots are arguably one of the most well-known games on the planet and can be found at local arcades, casinos, and now on the internet at online casinos. Online slots have made it easier for people to play the game from the comfort of their homes, on their laptops, and handheld electronic devices.

The online version of slots is the same as slots you would find in traditional casino establishments. The online slots have a larger variety in the number of slot games that are available with different themed games. The objective of online slots is to align specific icons together to gain a pay-out. Online slots are easy to play; all the customer must do is hit the spin button and the spin begins. More in-depth detail on the game is provided in the section below.

How to Play Online Slots

The simplicity of slots makes it a very popular game as it is easy to understand the rules. There are several parameters to consider when playing slots on the free play side of things.

During free play, it is beneficial to learn the basics, such as the symbols. Each game has around 10 – 12 different symbols. These will be different depending on the theme and color scheme of the game. There will then be symbols that represent a bonus, and when aligned a higher payout is won.

Aligning the symbols in a diagonal or in a horizontal line result in a winning spin. Typically, there are 25 different types of lines ranging in different zigzag combinations that result in a winning spin. These lines are known as paylines.

Paylines come in two combinations;

  • Single line
  • Multiple line 

Single line paylines are the easiest to understand as the name gives away how they work. When a single line is used and the line comes up with matching symbols a pay-out is given. Multiple line games give a larger variety of lines, and involves a higher winning chance but also requires a higher wager as you are paying for multiple lines. When real money is involved it is essential to consider the bet level of the paylines.

Online slot games will have mini-games within them which will allow for bonus money to be won. These games appear when you align the bonus icons on the main slots in the right order. These games give online slots another level of excitement as you have the chance to change things up during the game. It allows the players to increase their winnings without having to wager more money during the mini-games. Be conscious to join online slots that have mini-games built into the game.

When playing online it is essential to consider the return to play percentage. This is the advantage the casino has in the game. Different games will have different levels of return to player percentage. The higher this number is the more likely you are to win during the online slots games played. Games with a higher percentage of 96 are more favorable and games to look out for when deciding which game to choose.

Pros and Cons Free Money Slots


  • Learning how slots works
  • Preparing a strategy for real money slots
  • No money is lost
  • No registration is required 


  • When you win, you cannot withdraw any winnings as they are not real money  
  • No benefits from first deposits as no deposits are made

The Advantages of Playing Real Money Slots

Moving from free money slots to real money slots had no difference in the way the game is played, everything is the same and the upside is that the money you win is money you can withdraw. If you are aiming to join real money slot games, casinos will give benefits to new customers joining their online casinos. Here are some benefits casinos may provide:

  • Free money upon signing up
  • A deposit contribution on your first deposit
  • Free spins on a slot games of your choice

Online casinos offer a progressive jackpot on the slot games they provide. These jackpots reach the million-dollar mark. These jackpots gradually increase over time by adding a small portion of the money you wager to the large pot. Not all online slots have these jackpots, and online casinos will have a specific section for these types of slot games. If you are looking to join a game with the chance to win a mega jackpot, these games are the ones to consider.

When you win money on real money slots, you will be able to withdraw this money directly to your bank account, as you were wagering your own money at the start. This makes real money very attractive and it is easy to play and the possibility to win real money is also there. When you sign up to an online casino to play online slots for the first time, the casino may provide you with free spins on the slot machines. 

What should you Look at When Picking Real Money Online Slots

There are multiple things to consider when deciding which slots game, you want to play. There are hundreds of them out there. Here are a few things you should consider;

  • Return to play percentage
  • Promotions on online slot games
  • Minimum and maximum wagering limits
  • Jackpot / Progressive slot games
  • Game volatility

Return to Player Percentage

Typically, the large jackpot games have a much lower return to play percentage, as it requires a lot of money to build up the multi-million-dollar jackpots. The biggest thing to consider when choosing a game is a theme you like.

Playing slots will always be about having fun, so choosing the most appealing game will also benefit you in the long run. It is a good idea to look for games where the jackpot is highest as the winning odds for the big jackpot games are the same. A return to player percentage of 96 or above is beneficial and a number at which you will be most likely to win.

Game Volatility 

The game volatility determines how much money you are likely to win during a winning spin. Games with high volatility slots have fewer wins, and these wins have larger money payouts. In contrast, the games with lower volatility games, have a higher percentage of payouts with a lower money payout.

Casinos tend to disclose information on the volatility of a game or the return to play percentage. Some research on these values of which game you are playing might assist in making your decision on the game.

Money management and Hidden Games 

When deciding to pick a slots game that has a potentially bigger payout, it is a good idea to dig deeper into the website and find games that are not on the front page of the slots machine. Games that are more hidden tend to be the games the online casino does not want you to find so readily as they might give out potentially better payouts. Some of these games can be found in the 2nd or 3rd page of the slots area.

When playing real money slots, money management is a key aspect of the game. When gambling with slots playing with small amounts in comparison to your bankroll, will ensure that you are playing to maximum from the money’s worth with your games. Wagering higher sums of money can lead to a higher winning game, as online slots are proportional to the amount you wager.

Playing like this will have its downsides as it will significantly reduce your bankroll in a shorter space of time and fewer games. Practicing to manage your bankroll can be established on free slots. The free slots will provide you with a play money bankroll, which you can practice with and learn the basics of bankroll management. 

How to Begin your Online Slots Journey

When beginning your journey with slots, it will be essential to consider if you want to play free slots or if you want to begin playing for real money. When beginning your journey, it would be beneficial to start off with free slots. The free slots websites do not require a sign-up and are easy to join. Once you have gotten to grips with how the game is played, real money could be an option to consider. Here is a quick step by step guide on how to join an online casino;

  1. Choose a website at which you would like to sign up too.
  2. Sign up and take advantage of the benefits offered.
  3. Enter the deposit part of the website and make a deposit.
  4. Decide which slot games you would like to play. Consider the areas mentioned in section: What should you look at when picking an online slots game.
  5. Choose your wagering levels.
  6. Press the spin button to begin your first real money slots game. 

In Conclusion

Free slots are a beneficial way to join the world of online slots and gain experience in the game. It gives an insight into the game and the different ways to win within the game. Overall it is simply a fun experience and has different levels and themes.

The move to real money slots can be made much easier once free slots are played as they are the same game. Once free slots are mastered, you will also be a pro at real money slots as they are the same game. A transition to depositing money to play the game is something that should be considered when playing real money slots.

Free Slots and Real Money Slots FAQ