How do I open a Mobile Casino account?

Considering starting gambling in a mobile casino? Opening an account is a piece of cake, the sign-up process is almost identical to what you are used to in a traditional online casino. If you follow the four steps below, we guarantee you a fast, easy and enriching experience that you will not soon forget:

1. Open an online casino account

Choose a username, password and enter your e-mail address.

2. Choose your payment method

Indicate your payment preference in the appropriate field (don’t worry too much about this, mobile casino accounts usually offer the same payment methods as traditional online casino sites). We will come back to this later.

3. Verify your account

Verify your account by email (This is important because this way the casino knows for sure that you are not a robot).

4. Start playing

Congratulations, the party can begin! Nothing stands in the way of a towering profit. Just play!

The Best Mobile Casinos

To begin with, it is important to know whether you can use your mobile phone to install online casino apps. This is possible with most Android OS systems, and with most iPhones and iPads (from the third generation) as well. Even if you can’t install apps, you can still play through your browser without downloading anything. Just like with other mobile apps, it is fairly easy to get the apps installed on your mobile, so you don’t have to worry about that. Often you have to register before you can play at the online casino. You do this by following the aforementioned instructions from the given casino, which can often be found under “register” or “create account”. Creating an account is usually done in a few minutes, then you are registered and you can start playing right away!

The introduction of the iPhone prompted game developers to look for new ways to make their products attractive to a target group that yearned for the latest technology. Let’s take a closer look at the differences and similarities between the Android devices and the iPhones:

  iOS casinos support almost every game that you can find in an online casino. Although a number of slot games are only playable on the PC or laptop due to the graphic requirements, there are still plenty to choose from. For example, how about a game of blackjack or roulette. The same also applies to the devices on which Android runs, the operating system of Google. It offers you almost the same experience as an online casino for PC . Android devices are also frequently provided operating system updates. For the iPhones it is a slightly different story, the older generations are getting slower due to age, but also due to the updates of iOS.

 A large amount of casino games can be played on both Android and iPhone. The biggest difference lies in the fact that it can be difficult for Android users to find a casino app, because Google does not open its Play Store to Android Casinos where real money can be played. Because all iPhone apps come directly from the Apple App Store, this is no problem for Apple users. They quickly find a casino where they can play for big money. This does not have to be a huge problem for Android users. The average Android user who knows his way around online will not have to search long before he has found a suitable casino, where he can then simply put in his euros.

Play online poker on the go

Incidentally, it is not just the traditional online casinos that have found their way to the mobile platform. The major poker sites follow a similar trend. The first big names that made the switch to mobile were PokerStars and PKR. By taking advantage of the poker hype and evolving smartly in a young, new mobile market, these companies have succeeded in significantly expanding their already huge empire. Their competitors have to check it out.

The online mobile poker rooms are just as impressive as the aforementioned online casino games. They offer fully customizable avatars and interactive chats, allowing players to communicate with each other while playing. Yes, the mobile poker rooms are really brilliant. It is therefore not surprising that millions of players on every continent can enjoy this brilliant game for hours on end.

What about my winnings at a Mobile Casino?

If you choose to play games in a mobile casino, you have the choice between playing a free game or a game where you go for the real money (depending on your device type). The choice is yours! Confident enough to go for the real money? Go ahead, it could just be that your original stake is doubled or maybe even tripled in a very short time. In all honesty, playing free games is a lot of fun but it is not like gambling for real money. Once you have a profit, you can have it paid out whenever you want. All you have to do is specify your pay-out preference, after which the casino will proceed with a pay-out.

Whether you choose to play in a mobile casino a poker room or sit down at a blackjack table, it’s all fantastic and smooth. Once you have entered your account details, you will be able to play, deposit money and make pay-outs of winnings. Imagine! You are in a traffic jam, waiting for the long zipper cars to crawl painfully slowly, while in the meantime you are bringing in hundreds of euros or maybe even millions (if you play on progressive slots).

Mobile Casino: The future of online casinos

With extra-terrestrial bonuses, breath-taking graphics and endless possibilities in your palm, mobile casinos are the true embodiment of the future that the online gambling world has to offer. You could only have dreamed of this a few years ago! Mobile casinos are perfect for the online gambler who doesn’t want to miss out on the latest technological developments. Download one of the great apps on our site today, sit back and enjoy the great journey that the future will bring you!