What to expect in this guide? What is an Android Casino? Why play at an Android Casino? What kind of games can you play in New Jersey Android casinos? Bonuses and promotions at New Jersey Android Casinos  Security & Privacy in New Jersey Android Casinos Customer service in New Jersey Android Casinos The Difference Between Desktop Casinos & Android Casinos How do you find the Best Android Casinos in New Jersey? What are the Best Android casinos in New Jersey? To Conclude New Jersey Android Casinos FAQ

Surfing the internet is a lot of fun, so it is playing games in an online casino. Back in the days, you needed a big computer to do both, but that has changed. Nowadays, you can simply hop online on your mobile phone and play any game that you like.


Want to enjoy some of the finest online casino games? That’s possible today on your Android device. We want to guide you through the world of Android casinos today with this article.  We will take you from the available games to the safety measures that you should be aware of, and everything in between.

What to expect in this guide?

  1. An explanation of what an Android casino is and why you should play
  2. An overview of the available games offered in the Android casinos
  3. The best way to take care of your daily Android casino habits
  4. How we find the best Android casinos and how you can start playing today

What is an Android Casino?

Most of us know what online casinos are, but not everyone is aware of the possibilities of mobile casinos yet. An Android casino is a mobile casino that you play using your Android device.

For those who are not aware of the name of the operating system, Android is one of the largest operating systems for mobile phones. There is an iPhone, and there is an Android. Android is used on most Samsung phones, Nokia phones, and many other brands. We can make a difference between two types of Android casinos.

  • No download Android casinos
  • Download Android casinos

Both are self-explanatory; You can download some of the applications as native applications. You can access the no download casinos through your mobile browser.

Why play at an Android Casino?

You might wonder, why should I play at an Android casino when I can correctly access my casino on my desktop? Well, there are multiple reasons;

  • Android casinos provide lots of different games, ranging from slots to roulette and from Blackjack to Poker.
  • You can play Android casinos anywhere you want
  • You can play most of the games through your browser and sometimes on native apps that support real money gambling
  • The regulations for applications in app stores are strict; that’s why all the casino applications are safe, secure, and trusted.

These are just some examples of the advantages of playing on your Android device. Besides that, the biggest reason is probably the convenience part. It’s super convenient to be able to grab your phone and place a bet instead of having to open up your desktop.

What kind of games can you play in New Jersey Android casinos?

Playing on your Android casino is much more convenient than you might expect. Because of the advanced technology most casinos are using, you can now play most of your favorite games on your Android device. 

Software developing companies, like Microgaming, NetEnt, and Playtech, use HTML5 as a format to provide their games. HTML5 is the software that lets you play these games on your browser. A couple of examples of games that you can play on an Android casino are;

  • Slots
    • Halloweenies
    • Tomb Raider
    • Mermaid Millions
    • Break Da Bank
  • Roulette
  • Poker
    • Video poker
    • Jacks or better
    • Deuces Wild Poker
    • Double Double Bonus Poker

And many more games that you will love!

Bonuses and promotions at New Jersey Android Casinos

The beauty of accessing casinos on your mobile phone is combining the best of both worlds. These two worlds are; convenience and advantages.

You grab the convenience of the mobile betting industry, where you need nothing more than your mobile phone. Then, you take the benefits of desktop casinos by having access to the same bonuses and promotions. Some of the most popular bonuses and promotions are;

  • First deposit 100% bonus up to €500
  • No-deposit welcome bonus up to €50
  • Free spins bonus

You could find yourself lucky enough to catch a bonus that is only for Android casinos. They do not come along too much, but when they do, we know where to find them. If you don’t want to miss them, keep an eye on our promotions and bonuses page!


Security & Privacy in New Jersey Android Casinos

As with any industry where money is the primary source of trade, bad people are lurking around the corner. They do not care about you or the online casino, and they want to steal everything they can. The beauty of Android casinos is security. Some of these advantages that you might not think of;

  • To get into the Android app store, you need to pass a security check and a fundamental analysis
    • See if you handle user data correctly and funds are stored properly
  • On Android casinos, all of the regular banking options are available
    • Enjoy the convenience of an Android casino and the safety of a desktop casino
  • HTML5 is a secure way of providing software on mobile devices

Customer service in New Jersey Android Casinos

You are the customer, and you are the person that does not want any trouble. You do not want to deal with any issues, but still, it can happen to the best. Every human makes a mistake now and then, but the online casinos make sure you do not have to worry about anything. Some steps for handling the customer services on your Android casino;

  1. Think about your issue and see if you need your phone or desktop
    1. Make sure you make screenshots of every step so people can help you the right way
  2. Think about what the best way of reaching the customer service is
    1. Live Chat
    2. Mobile phone
    3. Email
  3. Give a clear description of your problem and provide any evidence you might have

The Difference Between Desktop Casinos & Android Casinos

After doing an extensive analysis between desktop and Android casinos, we found that there are quite some differences, but there’s a lot of common ground as well.

The common ground lies in the fact that both versions of online casinos tend to look similar. This means that you can play most games on both versions of the online casino. The differences we found are;

  • Android casinos tend to be way more user-friendly, all necessary options are available for mobile casinos
  • The native applications available for Android are guaranteed to be safe and secure
  • Desktop casinos are a bit slower at times, and Android casinos are the most convenient way of online gambling


How do you find the Best Android Casinos in New Jersey?

Alright, we understand that you are excited to take the next step in your online casino journey and introduce yourself to the world of Android casinos.

We want to help you in finding the best casinos in New Jersey that are available for your Android device. All you need to do is follow these steps.

  1. First, you move over to our review page and see which casino we ranked the highest
  2. Second, you find the best bonuses and promotions in our promotions page
  3. You grab that bonus, and you start enjoying yourself!

We want to do nothing more than supply you with the best online casino experience possible and we to make you a better gambler to make you grab bigger wins. Are you ready?

What are the Best Android casinos in New Jersey?

To answer this question correctly, we must be honest, and there are multiple New Jersey casinos that meet our requirements. We take more into consideration than just the fact if the online casino compatibility with Android devices. There’s a long list of factors that we look at, but some of them are the following;

  • Available banking options
  • Acquired licenses and regulatory compliance
  • Open games and option for mobile access
  • The possibility to reach customer service in various ways
  • Overall user experience

There’s more, so if you are interested in the full list and if you want to find the best New Jersey casino, there’s only one thing you need to do;

  • Head over to our online casino top list and find the casino that suits you the best

To Conclude

Android casinos are the thing that was missing a couple of years ago in the online casino world. The betting industry was a very convenient world, and the casinos tried their hardest to make sure you, as a gambler, feel welcome. But, the only thing that was missing was the fact that you could not bet from your phone yet.

Nowadays, most of the online casinos, especially the high-standard New Jersey casinos, have created the possibility to access the casino on your Android device.

You do the gambling, and we do the research. Don’t you worry about anything else than having fun while playing on your online casino, we’ll do that for you. So, before you do anything else, see if there are any active bonuses and promotions that you can benefit from today!android_casino_cgnj

New Jersey Android Casinos FAQ

  • What is the difference between an iPhone casino and an Android casino?

    The difference is in the kind of device you are using. Either you access the casino with your iPhone or iPad, or with an Android device like a Samsung phone.
  • Can I use the same account on my Android casino as on my desktop casino?

    Yes, you can! Most of the online casinos are the same version, but you access them by using your Android device.
  • Can I use the same account on my Android casino as on my desktop casino?

    Yes, you can! Most of the online casinos are the same version, but you access them by using your Android device.
  • Can I play live casino games on my Android device?

    On most of the Android casinos, you can. Especially the ones that use Evolution Gaming software, you can play any kind of live casino games.