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Big chances that your credit card issuer is MasterCard. You probably know the logo of advertisements at the Champions League, for example. For online gamblers, the card is a blessing, because paying is easy, fast and reliable and you can transfer large amounts into your account.

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Mastercard Payment at Online Casinos

Welcome to the Mastercard guide for payment at New Jersey licensed online casinos. Mastercard is one of the most popular banking options for online casinos, together with VISA they make up the top 2 payment options. Online casinos love credit card deposits and make sure that your money is transferred to your online casino account instantly. Mastercard is a very safe and reliable method for transactions and more often than not it is also accepted to request withdrawals. On this page we will explain to you how to use Mastercard to deposit and withdraw, how Mastercard manages safety and security and what the advantages and disadvantages of using this method are.

Mastercard Payment at New Jersey Online Casinos

In this guide:

  1. Learn why Mastercard is a convenient and easy choice
  2. Learn about the safety of Mastercard transactions
  3. Learn how to make deposits and withdrawals step by step using Mastercard

Why should I use Mastercard for my online casino payments?

There are multiple reasons to choose Mastercard as you go-to option for paying at online casinos in New Jersey. We will list a few:

  • Pretty much every online casino accepts Mastercard

This is an obvious one, Mastercard is very convenient to use because we’ve rarely ever come across an online casino that does not accept Mastercard payment. So if you own Mastercard, you will not have to go through the struggle of opening an account with another payment agent to deposit at online casinos.

  • Mastercard gives a very clear overview of your payments

Mastercard has a clever app which gives you full insight on your spendings. This is a nice thing to have because sometimes while playing at online casinos you might lose track of your deposits and the amount that you bet. Mastercard makes it extra easy to game responsibly.

  • Mastercard deposits are processed instantly

If you use Mastercard to deposit, your money will be added immediately to your online casino account. No need to wait, jump into the online casino lobby and start betting for real money!

  • Mastercard is a perfect option for high-rollers

Most online casinos apply the highest depositing limits to their credit card options. So if you’re a high-roller, Mastercard allows you to deposit like one.

What makes Mastercard a safe choice?

Mastercard is used worldwide. It is widely recognized and trusted as one of the safest methods of payment currently available. This means that Mastercard applies safety measures according to the highest banking standards. Encryption of your personal and transaction details is just one of the many layers of security that guards your payments. Mastercard also protects your purchases. This means that if your deposit somehow does not make it to the online casino, you will get your money back. However, always make sure that you play at safe and secure online casinos only. Look for New Jersey licensed and regulated casinos to be absolutely sure that your credit card details do not end up in the wrong hands.

How to make a Mastercard deposit

If you want to make a deposit using Mastercard, this is all you have to do:

  • Choose the online casino you want to register at and sign up

You can find the best New Jersey online casinos in our toplist and review them in our online casino reviews. Choose one that suits your wishes and sign up in less than two minutes.

  • Find the bonus and make sure that you get it

As a new online casino member, you will most likely be eligible for a welcome bonus. Find out about the bonus program of the online casino and make sure that you claim it!

  • Go the cashier page and choose deposit

Go to your online casino account and then to the payment or cashier page. Choose the option ‘deposit’.

  • Enter your personal and credit card details

Choose ‘Mastercard’ among the selected options. Enter the amount you wish to deposit and your credit card details. You will be asked for your name as visible on your card, your credit card number and the security number. You might also be asked to provide your billing address so make sure that you provide the same address and details as the ones connected to your card.

  • Hit ‘confirm’ and enjoy the ride

That will be all! Just review your input and confirm the deposit. The deposit amount + bonus will be added to your online casino account and you’re now ready to rock ‘n roll.

How to request a Mastercard withdrawal

Requesting a Mastercard withdrawal is basically done in the exact same way as processing a deposit. Just choose withdrawal, the Mastercard option, the amount you’d like to receive and follow the steps to enter your personal and card details. Also, make sure that the online casino of your choosing allows Mastercard withdrawals because not all online casinos accept them anymore.

The Mastercard FAQ


  • Do the online casinos in New Jersey charge commission or fees on Mastercard transactions?


No, most do not. You can make sure by visiting our online casino reviews and reading the ‘payment’ section to check for a specific NJ online casino. Also, be aware that Mastercard does charge fees for credit card use.


  • Do I have to pay for my Mastercard transaction right after making the deposit?


No, you don’t. With Mastercard you make the deposit on ‘credit’, meaning that Mastercard pays for your transactions. You do have to pay them back, but not instantly. You can pay for the transactions on your Mastercard monthly or on a different term.


  • Can I get a special bonus if I deposit with Mastercard?


Yes, you can claim a welcome bonus if you register with an online casino as a new member and deposit for your first time. The welcome bonus is a special bonus matching your deposit amount with extra money and sometimes even throwing in free spins!