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These days nothing is easier than depositing money into your account via your credit card. In addition, there is a good chance that you will do that with a Visa card. There is no online casino on the internet where it is not possible to pay with a Visa card and that is due to the large-scale, worldwide popularity of the payment system.

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VISA payment at online casinos in New Jersey

In this article:

  • You will learn why VISA is a good method of payment
  • How VISA guarantees safety and security in their transactions
  • How to deposit money using VISA
  • How to withdraw funds using VISA

Why choose VISA as a banking method?

There are various reasons to go with VISA as a method of payment for banking with online casinos.

  1. Virtually all online casinos accept VISA for both deposits and withdrawals

You will rarely find an online casino that does not accept VISA. Deposits are processed instantly and withdrawals mostly take just a few days to process.

  1. VISA protects your purchases

If the money that you wanted to transfer somehow does not reach the online casino, you have nothing to worry about. Purchases are protected and your money will be transferred back to you.

  1. Most people already have a VISA card

The cool thing about VISA is the fact that most people already own a VISA card. This means that you don’t have to open another account or sign-up at a third party before you can process a deposit or withdrawal at the online casino. Everything you need is already here.

  1. VISA is an extremely secure method of payment

In the paragraph below we will explain to you how VISA secures their transactions.

How does VISA make sure that their transactions are safe?

VISA is a very big company active all across the globe. They implement the highest standards of safety to secure their online transactions. Many layers of security are at work to make sure that your funds are safe. As we just told you, your purchases are actually protected. There are very few other banking options that secure your purchases, so this means that VISA knows their stuff. As a cardholder, you can always follow where your money is because VISA is very transparent to their customers. So rest assured, your money is safe if you choose VISA.

How to deposit using VISA

If you want to make a deposit with your VISA card, just follow the next simple steps:

  1. Register with the online casino of your choosing. This should take no more than just a few minutes to enter your personal details and account information.
  2. Claim the online casino bonus. Don’t forget to claim the welcome bonus before you transfer money! If you want to find the best welcome bonuses online for New Jersey residents, check our toplists.
  3. Go to the cashier environment or payment page. This is the page where you can choose a method of payment. Choose deposit, and then click on VISA.
  4. Enter the amount and your card details. Decide how much money you would like to deposit, enter this amount and enter your name as described on your account, your account number and personal security code.
  5. Confirm the transaction. Review the amount and the details and hit ‘oke’, ‘enter’ or ‘confirm’. VISA is a very fast method of payment so your funds will be transferred to your account instantly.

How to request a withdrawal via VISA

Requesting a withdrawal is basically the same process as described in the steps to deposit, except that this time you will enter the amount that you would like to receive on your VISA card. Very easy and convenient, just be aware that withdrawals might take a little longer to process. This is the only disadvantage of using VISA, it is not the fastest method when it comes to withdrawals. However, after about five working days you can expect your money to be stored nice and safely on your VISA card.


  • Can I claim a bonus if I deposit with VISA?

Yes, we have never come across an online casino where you forfeit your bonus if you deposit with VISA. This is not an issue with this method of payment as opposed to Neteller or Skrill in some cases.

  • Does VISA charge fees for depositing or withdrawing?

Usually online casinos do not charge any fees or commission for using VISA, not for depositing and neither for withdrawing. However, to be sure that this is indeed the case make sure to check with your online casino.

  • How do I know if an online casino accepts VISA?

That’s easy, just check our online casino reviews! We have a special section on payment methods for every online casino that we review. Here you will find everything you need to know about VISA payment with the online casino of your choosing.