The Bext Big Thing 𑁋 Is It Virtual Reality Casino Games?

What is the next big thing in online casino gaming? We get asked this question a lot, and our answers usually revolve around a few technologies and revolutions in the casino industry. Due to the volatile nature of the betting industry, our foresight is not always correct, and sometimes it takes years for a prediction to become a reality.


One answer we have given in the last few years is showing some signs of genuinely coming out. Virtual Reality (VR) casino gambling is becoming more widespread, and people all over the world are welcoming the technology with open arms. 

The future is filled with immersive gameplay; everyone wants to get closer to the action, making it more accessible. VR does just that, allowing you a close-up and immersive experience of whatever you want to play. Lately, the prices of VR-headsets have dropped significantly, the Oculus Rift Goggles and Samsung Odyssey are making VR technology available for the masses.

We see no signs that this revolutionary technology will slow down any time soon, which is why it is time for you to get the ins and outs of Virtual Reality, and take a sneak peek at the inevitable future of online casinos.

What is VR gaming?

Many enthusiastic bettors usually find themselves reluctant to make the transition from land-based casinos to online casinos. The main reason for this reluctance is the appeal and draw of the brick and mortar casinos.

It is radiating glamour and a fantastic atmosphere that is hard to beat for online casinos. Moreover, it’s nearly impossible to interact with anything in the online casino environment, although live casinos are coming close.

VR casinos are the real solution to this issue. By using goggles, a headset, and a controller, a new reality is created right in front of your eyes. A reality that you can walk through,  interact with, and have a complete 360° view of. From the comfort of your own home, you can put on the system and immediately enter the casino of your choice.

In these virtual reality casinos, players will find all of the same things seen in a real casino. Slots, blackjack, roulette, and other specialty games are built into VR casinos. Specifically, the idea is to give players a realistic feeling of stepping onto the casino floor, which includes all the action, sound, music, and lights.

Virtual Reality also opens the doors for a new way to play poker. After the initial burst of interest in the game back in the early 2000s, it now is dropping quite a bit in player numbers and viewing popularity.

By combining the VR environment with this beloved card game, players can now interact with each other at the table, opening up a whole new dynamic to play with. Now you can provoke your opposition with a cheeky comment or trick them into thinking you are bluffing!


Why is the future of VR casinos so awesome?

  • Richly detailed casino floors, which players can walk through
  • Realistically designed playable slot machines
  • 3D casino tables, at which players can take a seat and interact with others
  • Real-world casino sounds, many with a 3D spatial aspect

Where is the tech at, right now?

As far as VR capabilities go, we are at the brink of entering a whole new world, but it’s not there yet. Online Games are being produced as we speak, mostly by the two most prominent names in the industry, NetEnt and Microgaming, but new releases are only dropping sporadically. The three most popular type of online casino games are the ones that see the most development:

Perhaps it’s the colorful symbols, the huge prospective payouts, or just the fact that VR Slots allow you to experience a Slots Online game in the same way you would at an online casino.

Still, one thing’s for sure – VR Slots are definitely the most popular casino games on the net! Some of the exciting titles you can expect to find at Virtual Reality Casinos are Jack and the Beanstalk, Starburst, Miss Midas, and Dracula, amongst many others.

Take the excitement and fun of the blackjack table to a whole new level. When putting on a VR headset, you can reach out and place your chips on the table. See and feel the cards that are dealt out to you, and instead of clicking a button to signal if you’re hitting, standing, or doubling up, you can show the dealer with a tap of your fingers, flick of the hand, or placing down those extra chips!

Currently, the third most popular game at VR online casinos is roulette. One of the most popular games all around the world, it is no surprise that roulette is also a hit in the VR version. As is the case with all other VR online casino games, roulette takes you by the hand into the action. Hear and see the ball rolling right in front of you, and talk amongst other players at the table for some lively banter.

Now, or in the future? 

It’s worth noting that despite all the beautiful features of VR casino gaming, there are still some aspects that need tweaking. The future of online casino gaming surely lies in VR casino games, the question is, are we already there now?

According to some expert sources, expected wagers for VR casinos in 2021 will be around 500 billion. An astronomical number, to say the least. Seeing that we are still a year away from that date, what does VR need to get there? We are already in love with the concept and some of its execution, but to improve overall, the following things could be changed:

  • Cheaper VR-gear

Prices for high-tech gadgets tend to be on the higher side when they are first launched. To ensure you of high-quality experiences, manufacturers don’t cheapen out on build-quality and hardware.

VR Casino Tech is Improving

Sure, this guarantees you that the relatively new machines won’t fail, but it also means that fewer people can afford it. For the VR industry to really explode, it needs to develop to a broader spectrum of devices in multiple prize-categories. In time, this trend will surely take place, as it does for all high-tech gadgets.

  • Game availability

Walking through a casino is an experience on its own. The glittering of the slot machines and the buzz coming off the table-games, surely we want the same feel and vibe in online VR casinos. Casino-providers are nearly there, the look and feel of the place are getting to the point where it can match-up to brick and mortar casinos.

However, one thing they need to improve on is the range of games. To be impressed by a casino, you need to be overwhelmed, and that means a broad range of outstanding games. Until nearly all the casino games have been imported into the VR environment, we think that only specific game lovers will choose for the VR route.

  • Quality Enhancement

While we already noticed a significant improvement in terms of quality, we like it to be raised even more. We know, from seeing regular online casinos, how amazingly vibrant the lobbies and games can be. Now we want to see that same class transported to the VR online casinos. Making use of the latest software to get the bettors all over the US the gameplay they deserve.

To conclude, are online VR casino games the next big thing?

Clearly, YES! It seems that we are now on the precipice of a new era for casino gaming. Has there ever been a better time to start investing in VR technology? The casino industry certainly seems to think the time is now, and so do we! As the industry is still adapting to this relatively new technology, we can’t blame them for minor flaws. Already, the service is excellent and it will only get better from here on out. 

Virtual Reality Casinos FAQ

  • Can I play at the VR casino just like a browser?

    To get the true immersive effect of a VR online casino, you need to download the proprietary software of the casino of choice. So far, there hasn’t been a proper alternative that is usable via a browser.
  • How do I start playing Virtual Reality casino games online?

    To start playing VR casino games, you’ll first need to open an account at one of our Best Virtual Reality Casinos and download the application. Once you’ve done this, you can then login with your new Username and Password, and you can go ahead and choose your favorite avatar and confirm.
  • Will I be able to see other players in the VR online casino?

    Yes, just as they can see you, other players will be present when you are, for example, playing a card or dice game. But don’t worry about privacy, as you are the only one who sees your game screen, making it completely private.