What To Expect In The New Jersey Online Casino Industry 2020

We arrived in a new year, 2020. This year also marks the start of a new decade. With a new year, we look back at the year that has passed and see what the upcoming year has in store. This year, we look back at the past ten years and plan ahead for the upcoming ten years.

In this article, we will have a look at all the developments that we are expecting to happen in the New Jersey online casino industry for 2020. What kind of regulatory issues are open for a change or what kind of betting trends do we see coming. Let’s have a look and find out.

What does the New Jersey Online Casino industry look like now?

We are in 2020, a year that has an incredibly appealing number to it. It marks the start of ten new years that will wrap up to a decade. If we look back at the past decade it’s incredible to see the changes.

Ten years ago, mobile phones were just arriving at the scene and the smartphone was a new term. These days, smartphones are the standard and every single person on the planet is using one. To keep up with the fast-changing trends we keep a close eye on the industry. We want to dive into a few topics:

  • What does the New Jersey online casino industry look like in terms of regulation?
  • What does the New Jersey online casino industry look like in terms of numbers?
  • What does the New Jersey online casino industry look like in terms of competition?

We discuss each topic to check what the current state is at this point and see what we can expect in these fields for 2020.

What does the new Jersey online casino industry look like in terms of regulation? 


The past year was a year where all of the established online casinos opened up their doors in New Jersey. With the regulations being more welcoming in New Jersey, things got way easier for sportsbooks and online casinos. In 2018, sports betting became legal in New Jersey, and not shortly after, we saw online gambling fall into the same category.

This changed the game because now you do not have to play at offshore online casinos any longer. You can now play at trusted New Jersey online casinos that most of the time has a physical location connected to them. Make online deposits at physical casinos, brilliant!

What does the New Jersey online casino industry look like in terms of numbers? 

The online gambling industry is growing by the day. Every single day new records are broken and it’s safe to say that we’re in the best time ever for online casinos.

If you look at the charts that are presented by several sources, you can see a fast-growing market. At this moment these numbers are available by the Division of Gaming Enforcement: 

  • Casino revenue: $1,354,645,415
  • Total Gaming Win: $1,503,837,289
  • Total Taxes Paid: $263,473,904

All of the above data is presented from a grip of online casinos in the New Jersey area. These are not all the available online casinos and should not be misinterpreted. The data represents 2019 and is an indicator of the volume of the market. 

What does the new Jersey online casino industry look like in terms of competition? 

As the overall New Jersey online casino industry is growing, so is the competition. We see new online casinos pop up every day and the competition might be hard to keep up.

Besides the great volume of online casinos that are new, the established online casinos are developing at a rapid pace as well. This means that new games are added every single day and the bonuses and promotions are getting more extreme.

The past year the bar was set at a high level with welcoming bonuses up to $1000 for simply registering an account, will 2020 be even crazier?

What can we expect in The New Jersey online casino industry 2020?

The upcoming year is bound to be an interesting one. With technology being a more dominant factor in our lives, so is the use of the internet. It makes sense that the online casino market is growing very fast.

Even more so, online gambling is becoming less of a taboo and people are getting more familiar with the act of online casinos. How beautiful is it that a trip to a physical casino is now completely normal and an online visit is becoming more normal every day?


As a New Jersey online casino site, that’s an incredible development to witness. Now, let’s look at some casino trends for 2020.

Virtual Reality casinos In The New Jersey online casino industry 2020

One trend that we expect to see growing rapidly in the upcoming year is Virtual Reality casinos. We were all first introduced to virtual reality a very long time ago. At this point, most people know what the technology is and a large percentage of people tried it before.

The difference lays in the fact that not everyone has a pair of VR-glasses at home yet. Once this changes and it becomes more normal to own a set of VR-glasses, then we can see the transition of physical casinos to online VR casinos very drastically. Why?

  • Instead of getting together with friends in real life, you can meet up at your favorite casino in a virtual environment without having to leave your house
  • No need to commute in order to play your favorite games
  • Experience the same sensation as a physical casino at home

We are more than ready for it, let’s see if the industry is!

Bigger, better and crazier bonuses and promotions for New Jersey online casinos in 2020

One thing that we expect to change in the upcoming year is the volume of all the bonuses and promotions that are available. Right now, we keep a great list of all the active bonuses and promotions in the New Jersey online casino industry.


We do so by tracking every single online casino that we recommend and freshening up our site on a daily basis. With this, we make sure that you will never have to miss a good promotion. We saw the volume increasing and have made some expectations for 2020: 

  • The online casino bonuses and promotions will be changing faster – Not the same bonus for months, now it will change every couple of weeks
  • The size of the bonuses and promotions will be even bigger. Right now you see some very big bonuses and promotions that lead in the hundreds of dollars, but this can grow even higher
  • We will start to see more diversity in promotions and bonuses. Not just welcome bonuses, reload bonuses and free spins, but also more creative and challenging bonuses and promotions.

Let’s check back in one year and see what became reality. For now, you can visit our bonuses and promotions page for everything that you can benefit from today!

To Conclude

We are one month in the new year and we can already see the marketing is evolving even more. We set the standard in the past decade and are happy that we can look ahead at an exciting future. Times are changing very fast and all we can do is try our hardest to stay on track of all that is changing.

We want to thank you for the support for the past year and invite you to join us in the upcoming year. We meant, the upcoming decade! We can’t wait to fill the upcoming year with exciting content and see how the industry will shape itself. New Jersey are you ready? We are!