Why You Should Consider Playing Video Poker

Video Poker is often a game that gets ignored by players who visit online casinos. It’s something that definitely shouldn’t happen. Video Poker offers a huge amount to players in a number of different ways.


You can find out some useful information by checking out our casino game guides, but in this guide, we are going to cover some more specific points in regards to why you should think about playing Video Poker.

In this article you will learn:

  • What Video Poker can give to New Jersey players
  • How Video Poker works
  • Choosing where to play Video Poker
  • How to get better at Video Poker

What Video Poker Offers to Players in New Jersey

As already mentioned, Video Poker is often a game that gets overlooked by players. This is because it doesn’t offer the excitement and competitive edge that regular Poker offers to players. However, what it does offer is its own unique selection of benefits. Most notably, this includes one of the best RTPs of all the casino games on the market.

The reason behind this is that Video Poker naturally has a lower house edge than a lot of other casino games. When you combine this with the ability to increase your own chances through intelligent play, it means that Video Poker can offer players the best chance of walking away with a profit. Read on to find out how the game works and how you can increase your own winning potential.

How does Video Poker work?

Video Poker is a very simple game to get to grips with. Your first step should be to find the right casino to play at. We will cover this step in more detail later on. The next step is also something that will be covered in more depth further through this article, for this step you will need to find the best Video Poker game in terms of potential returns. Once you have completed these two steps you will be ready to begin playing.

When you start the game, you will first have to set your stake. This is different for everyone, just make sure that you set a stake that fits in with your personal bankroll. Once you have done this you will be dealt a hand of five cards. Here you can choose to hold or discard any of the cards.

As such, if you are dealt a perfect hand you can choose to hold all five if you like. If you are dealt a bad hand then you can choose to discard all five. Once you’ve made this choice any cards that haven’t been held will be discarded and replaced with new cards. The cards will then be compared to the paytable where you will find out if you have won or not. 

  • Find the right casino to play at
  • Choose the Video Poker game that gives you the best RTP
  • Set your stake
  • Choose which cards to hold and which to discard
  • Find out if your hand has won

Choosing the Right Online Casino to play Video Poker

Before you begin playing, it’s important to choose the right place to play. There are a lot of different aspects that go into choosing an online casino, we’re going to cover some of the most important for Video Poker players. There are three important aspects related to choosing an online casino that you need to be aware of when playing Video Poker online. 

The first is whether the casino is trustworthy. This is vital when playing at an online casino as you will be offering your money and personal information. Fortunately, the casinos that can be found in our guides and lists are all extremely trustworthy and will always offer a fair service. 

Secondly, the promotions and bonuses will need to allow you to bolster your bankroll. This is something else that you will easily be able to find out through our best casino lists as we offer up to date bonus information. Finally, you need to know if the online casino offers the game that you want to play. This will require some personal research in order to see if the game is offered. 

Just remember, when it comes to choosing a high quality online casino as a New Jersey player, the best information around is available right here. Take one last look at a reminder of how to find the right online casino.

  • Use our guides and lists to see if the casino is trustworthy
  • Keep checking the guides to find out the best promotions and bonuses
  • Discover whether the right game for you is on offer

How to Improve your Video Poker Skills

Improving your chances of winning at Video Poker is a two-step process. Although this makes it seem like it’s very easy, it actually requires a lot of effort in order to carry it out. The first step is to choose the Video Poker game with the highest RTP. The RTP stands for Return to Player. This tells you how much you will get back on average on each game that you play. 


So for example, if you have an RTP of 93% then this means for every $100 you wager, you will get $93 back. This means that the house has an edge of 7%. The reason Video Poker is so appealing to players is that it has one of the highest RTP values of any game if you choose the right one. This means that you start out in a good position to give yourself a chance of making a profit.

Some examples of high RTP Video Poker games are All Aces Poker, Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better and Aces & Faces. All of these games have an RTP of over 98% which is very high when compared to other casino games. You’ll be able to find a great range of online casinos that offer these games by looking through the lists and guides on offer here at CasinoGuideNJ.

After you’ve Chosen your Game

Once you have chosen the right game it’s important to have the right strategy. Now, this is where things get complicated. Each different Video Poker game has a different paytable and slightly different rules. This means that the strategy needed for each game is a little bit different. So, you will have to find out the optimal strategy for the particular Video Poker game that you have chosen to play. 

Finding the right strategy chart is massively important, especially as there are more than 2.5 million possibilities when it comes to potential hands in Video Poker. This should tell you why having the right strategy chart is so vital. So if you choose to play Jacks or Better, make sure you use a chart for Jacks or Better otherwise you could end up on the end of a big loss. 

While like any casino game there is no guarantee that you will win. However, choosing a Video Poker game with a high RTP and using a strategy chart will give you one of the best chances possible of walking away with a healthy profit. Check over these important steps to increase your chances of winning.

  1. Look through the range of casino guides we offer in order to choose a high RTP Video Poker game
  2. Make sure you use the correct strategy chart in order to increase your chances of winning

Appreciating Video Poker

It might not be one of the most exciting games available at online casinos, but the benefits of playing Video Poker are impossible to ignore. While the potential for modest payouts is most obvious when playing Video Poker, it should also be mentioned that some games also offer payouts that rival some of the higher variance video slots.

With all this considered if you want to grab a big win when playing at a New Jersey online casino, don’t dismiss Video Poker. Take a look through our online casino guides and Video Poker guides to find the right game to make a profit with.

Why Play Video Poker FAQ

  • Do all Video Poker games have high RTP?

    In general Video Poker games offer higher RTPs than other online casino games. However, it’s still important to check out the RTP that’s on offer. Some Video Poker games may offer an RTP of less than 97%. While that might still sound good, when compared to a game that has over 99% it is a big difference over the courses of a long term playing session.
  • Should I play at the max bet level at all times?

    This is a complex question. The reason behind this being complex is that the maximum bet in some games offers a bonus for the jackpot. This means that if you want access to the biggest payout then you will need to play at the maximum bet. However, if this is beyond your bankroll then you shouldn’t play at the max bet level. As with any online casino game you should always stick to what you can afford. If you want to bolster your bankroll then looking through our casino guides will allow you to see which promotions would be best for you.
  • Which Video Poker game is the best?

    This is a hard choice to make. While some games might offer a slightly better RTP than Jacks or Better, the fact that a pair of Jacks or better will offer a payout means that it’s one of the easiest games to get a return on. The main aims when choosing a Video Poker game is to have a high RTP, it to be the most enjoyable and for you to be comfortable with the strategy. As long as you have all of those aspects down, then for you, that game is the best.